Greek Eats #1 – Santorini

 Hello Friends!

As promised, it’s time for some “Greek Eats”. In this 2 part post, we’ll visit Santorini and Athens. Needless to say Tiago and I were in love with the culture and scenery of Greece but even more so with the FOOD! Surprised? Naaaaaah. :)

Let’s start with the 2nd leg of our trip! We spent 4 days on the Island of Santorini and it was gorgeous. No matter where you stood on the island, or in our case where you drove your ATV (wooohooo), there was a breathtaking view.  Whether it was the Aegean Sea, Volcanic rock of a different color or white houses set on a hillside, Santorini was picture heaven.

IMG_0947We were lucky to stay in a family run hotel the Alizea Villa. They provided a beautiful breakfast each morning either poolside or on our balcony. Black tea, OJ and soft pound cake was Tiago’s bfast of choice while I sipped on rich coffee and indulged in sesame seed bread. We both couldn’t get enough of the Greek yogurt, thick and tart, it was almost cheese like. Sooooo I spread some on my bread and topped it with jam and Tiago covered his yogurt with honey!

We tried local foods including the traditional Santorini dish “tomatokeftedes”. The island is famous for their baby tomatoes and these olive oil fried beauties are a mix of tomatoes, flour, cheese, onions and MINT! A surprising flavor that worked soooo well with the fresh vegetable!

IMG_0826Of course we just had to try some seafood. Being surrounded by water made us positive that the shellfish would be fresh. OH IT WAS! The mussels and shrimp were grilled and topped with a very light lemon sauce. Tiago isn’t a huge fan of seafood, so I couldn’t be prouder of him for trying everything. He honestly shocked me!!santoriniseafoodNow for Tiago’s favorite food in Santorini….MEAT! hahaha Just a hole in the wall with 8 seats and the best tasting Gyro we’ve ever had. Tiago made 4 trips to Lucky’s Souvlaki with zero regret. The pic below is the vertical spit that rotates the meat (pork or chicken) to roast evenly on all sides. It keeps the meat juicy and…… addicting. I think Tiago had thoughts of jumping the counter to carve the meat himself.

20140722_195003On the left a pork and chicken gyro nestled into a soft pita with vegetables and tzatziki (dill yogurt sauce with cucumbers, olive oil, garlic S&P). On the right, the same chicken but over a salad, topped with tangy yogurt dressing. YUM!

santorinigyroA non traditional meal..Crepes! Tiago’s on the left a sweet banana and chocolate crepe and mine a savory version with vegetables, egg, and feta!

santorinicrepesThis restaurant on the water (I could literally dip my toes in the sea!) offered fresh seafood that was grilled outside and topped with lemon juice and olive oil. I ordered the octopus and Tiago had the squid. Truth is I liked his more, but both were tender and flavorful.

santorinisquidFinally, we end with something sweet, Baklava. Or should I say..Heaven! From a small bakery on the side of a highway came this decadent dessert that did not disappoint. Baklava is made with layers of Phyllo dough filled with chopped nuts and held together with sugar, honey and LOVE. As if the traditional version wasn’t enough, we found Baklava ice cream as well!!

SantorinibaklavaWe definitely enjoyed ourselves in Santorini and we couldn’t ask for a more beautiful place to visit. Now I’m going to go daydream about that Bakery!

  • Do you love seafood more than Tiago?
  • What place have you visited recently?
  • Your favorite Summer eats so far…Go!!

Make it a STRONG day.

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