Time for a Coffee Break

Hello Loves!!

Just a quick heads up that So Small So Strong will be undergoing a little reconstruction. SOOOOOO, I’ll be taking a quick, little coffee break. 


I’ll be back with some exciting news, projects and of course, healthy recipes!!

Don’t worry it’s only for a week or two!

For my readers, thank you so much for your support especially with the recipes lately. “You all truly rock.”

For NEW READERS, Welcome and thanks for stopping by. Check out my Recipe Page, HERE and a few workouts..HERE! :)


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French Toast Cups


I’m just going to say it…I love breakfast!! I know I’m not alone on this one!! I was checking out some healthy recipes over at Aloha.com and got breakfast inspired. I decided to whip up this little number. A super easy AND healthy trick for that loaf of bread you’ve got in the house. Turn Continue Reading…

Hello 30!…Part Two


Thank you all for your warm birthday wishes! Thank you friends and family for making my 30th super special.  xoxoxo I really thought about what I would like to see in my 30th year and my list was long…hahaha whooopsie. But the last 2 days really made me think of what’s important, so I’ve broken Continue Reading…

So Long 29! …Part One


Hello My Friends!…It’s been a bit so lets play catch up, shall we? I’ve been working on a fantastic project that has stolen me away from the blog, (more info to come) but I’m thrilled to say I AM BACK… aaand I’m officially one year older! I turned 30 last week… WooHooooooo!! I thought I’d start this Continue Reading…

Coconut Flour is Delicious…


Happy Tuesday Folks. Today I wanted to give credit to these two recipes!  Oh and these little guys… Yuuuuum…..what was I saying? Oh right, recipes!! lol the Almond Joy Bars and Coconut Shrimp are different recipes with one similar ingredient.  Coconut Flour! You can bake with it, add it to smoothies or even savory dishes. Continue Reading…