Currently in April

Happy Monday Everyone! I Missed You!

I took a break from the blog world. I needed to do some serious catching up on that old teaching job! But…the GREAT news is …(pause for suspenseful moment)…I’M BACK! Since March was the last you’ve heard from me, I thought why not do a “Currently” post to give you a quick peak of what I’m up to. :)

Currently in April, I am:

Coaching – Teamed up with my fellow PE teacher Kaley, were preparing the middle school softball team for their season! It has been organized chaos and we LOVE it.


Daydreaming – Booked our flight/hotels for Greece this summer. Wooohooo!! Can not believe Tiago and I are crossing this vacation off our bucket list. I hope it’s as beautiful as I’m imagining.

Loving – My new Swatch that Tiago bought me. It’s great because I can wear it on the daily and not fear breaking it! Check them out, they come in such fun colors.


Figuring Out – My knee is back on the fritz. “NOOOOOOOOOO!!” Not sure if it’s injured again from working out or what! Time to head back to the doctor for some answers.

Amazed – My cousin Angie made me a gift. She has a knack for recreating what she sees on Pinterest. It’s a So Small So Strong mug. She’s the BEST!


Thrilled – With my new blog design! Tasha from My Cute Lobster has done an amazing job, not too mention has put up with my indecisive self. She was a saint and I would recommend her to anyone! She really listens to what your looking for and will guide you through the process. Tasha you are fantastic!

I HOPE you all like the new look. I can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to!

Have a strong Monday!

What are you CURRENTLY doing in April?

What did I miss? Fill me in!



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