Coconut Flour is Delicious…

Happy Tuesday Folks.

Today I wanted to give credit to these two recipes! 


Oh and these little guys…


Yuuuuum…..what was I saying? Oh right, recipes!! lol the Almond Joy Bars and Coconut Shrimp are different recipes with one similar ingredient. 

Coconut Flour!

You can bake with it, add it to smoothies or even savory dishes. If you haven’t used it before, go ahead and try it! Here’s some reasons why:

Coconut Flour Health Benefits

  1. It’s High in Dietary Fiber
  2. Provides the body with Healthy Fats
  3. Surprisingly High in Protein
  4. Gluten Free, perfect for dietary restrictions and our Paleo friends
  5. Low in Carbs so it has low impact on our Blood Sugar Levels. 

Sounds good to me! My only precaution is that coconut flour is absorbent so it can be at times dense. I typically mix it with another dry ingredient or up the eggs in the recipe! 

Try these two recipes if you don’t believe me:

If you get it right… its’s oh so gooooood!


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