Finding Motivation…Monday!

Do you need a little fitness or health motivation? Not sure where to find it? Turn to blogs!!

After a filling Easter yesterday, I thought to myself, which holiday is next? Memorial Day? Holy Smokes, bathing suits are around the corner!! If you want something to get your booty in gear than look to some health blogs to MOTIVATE you.

Motivation1 defines motivation as “the process that initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented behaviors.” Well I started my blog to share my goals, fitness love & health journey but what I really found was a motivational community!! One that I am so grateful for.

Soooooo if you’d like to find some FANTASTIC people who can motivate you, I’ve compiled my first Blogroll. These are just some of the bloggers I follow who have dedicated their writing to living balanced and healthy lifestyles. These bloggers will make you feel good inside and out.


What I’ve loved most about these blogs is that I’m always excited to read their new recipes, fitness moves, or have a sneak peak into their lives. I only hope that my blog will inspire YOU as well!! When it comes to sources of motivation, everyone knows the saying. “The More The Merrier!” :)

  • Do you follow your favorite bloggers?…By email?…Bloglovin?
  • Where do you find your motivation?


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      Not a problem!! Thank you so much.. It feels a little more cleaned up. :) Now if I could just get the plugins thing down!!

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      Hi Polly! Thanks for stopping by! So glad you follow a similar list they’re really great especially if you’re looking to spruce up your workout. I love the message of your blog! Clean eats with some indulgences…perfect!! I’ll have to search through your recipes!! :)

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    I definitely turn to blogs for inspiration! Thank YOU for letting me be some inspiration to you. Means more than you know! I follow my blogs on Blog Lovin. My email has enough emails daily, haha. Have a great Day!

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      Noooo thank you for doing what you do!! That’s a great point. My email is overflowing…perhaps sticking to Bloglovin is a wise decision!! :)

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    So nice of you to include me on this list with such other great bloggers! I tend to follow blogs via email rather than Bloglovin as I like to have 1 email per post someone does rather than a newsletter format like Bloglovin does but that is just me 😉

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